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Welcome to OfferStation.com!

OfferStation.com brings you useful and convenient "buying information" to save you a lot of time, hassle and money. Our "offer scouts" gather all the relevant information for you on a regular basis and their “discoveries” are featured on the website.

You must take special note of the location where a featured item may be available. This refers only to the particular store or mall in the particular city mentioned, where the information was gathered from. Further, a nationwide store chain often holds sales simultaneously throughout the country. If we can verify that it is indeed a nationwide sale, it will be reported as such. However if only KL is mentioned, you should not assume that the sale is also on in Penang or JB.

Please note that there isn't anything to purchase online from our website as it only provides information.

Our homepage features only a small selection of items. For the complete lists of items, you need to click on the orange tabs at the top of the page, namely “Offers”, “What's New”, “Sales”, “Warehouse Sales”, “Dining”, “Happenings” and “Contests”. Under “Happenings” you will find certain relevant events such as: product launches, exhibitions and fairs.

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In most cases, our scouts act independently when gathering information about Offers, What's New, Sales and Happenings. While every care is taken to ensure the information is correct at time of publishing, such information may be changed without our prior knowledge, including dates, time and venue, specific offer items, price, free gifts etc. Any errors or omissions are deeply regretted but OfferStation cannot be held liable. It is also important to note that many offers are also only valid “while stocks last”, hence we cannot guarantee availability at any time. Nevertheless, we will try, wherever and whenever possible, to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information for your convenience.Use of an organisation's logo on OfferStation does not imply endorsement of the organisation by OfferStation, nor does it imply endorsement of OfferStation by the organisation.

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